Thursday 23 July 2015

Collage Clay tutorial

hello everyone!

Today for the first time I am sharing a tutorial over here most of my tutorials are there on Crafters Corner! Incase anyone of you is interested please visit-

Crafters Corner introduced a new art in India this month its called Collage Clay art. To know more about the art you can check this post-

I will be sharing a picture tutorial with all of you today on how I made this clock.

These are the supplies you require
Mod Podge- Collage clay 
Mod Podge- Melter
Mod Podge- Neon melts
Ice cream toppings 
Rainbow crumbs, 
 Do you see the cute mobile cover in the pic? It was designed by Shalini Mittal for me :)

I started with painting my clock with some acrylic paint

Next I created these drips using the melts

did some around the dial of the clock as well. 

Now comes the fun part start piping with the collage clay i love the star nozzel and this design you can create any design you like. 

Next sprinkle some rainbow crumbs. It looks sooo yummy!

Add up the cabachons of your choice

and finish off with pearls or glitter! 

Hope you all like it!
Thanks for stopping by feel free to ask any questions :)
Anchal Sapra

Friday 3 April 2015

Haute Couture!

Hello everyone!
I am posting after ages here! As you all know I am a DT at Crafters Corner and today I will be sharing a brand new project here which I made for Crafters Corner. For the detailed post you can visit Crafters Corner's post here! I'll be sharing the pictures here :)

I absolutely loved how this project has turned out! 
I am entering it in the following challenges -